•March 30, 2009 • Leave a Comment

White Folks Soul By Any Dance Necessary is an experimental dance company with Zahava Griss, Alexis Halkovic, Alyssa Lynes, and Jesse Phillips-Fein, who share the following intentions:

  • To cultivate trust in ourselves and in others, independent of the ways white culture teaches us self definition and self worth.
  • To re-explore our personal and ancestral histories acknowledging the impact of white privilege. 
  • To develop and evolve an intimate improvisational creative process as a group that can be used to address the construct of race and that engages us as whole people: communal, sensual, emotional, powerful, loving, expressive, visionary, spiritual beings. 
  • To bring our process into relationships we already value including our families, friendships, workplaces, classrooms, anti-racist & activist communities, spiritual communities, and dance communities. 
  • To use creative process and performance to remind ourselves and our communities of how institutional racism has but no longer will constrict our wholeness. 
  • To confidently articulate our process with transparency for self reflection as well as a way to network with similar consciousness. 
  • To receive funding and appreciation for our work.